Digital Shuffle and CARFAX worked together to design, build, and deploy an integrated cross-channel communications workflow. This campaign consisted of 6 Direct mail touch points, 6 email touch points, targeted landing pages, dimensional video cards, and turn-key analysis. Beginning with a target audience of 8,000 unique recipients, this "building block" workflow was designed to keep CARFAX Used Car Listings "top of mind" prior the the NADA show. The call to action on each piece was to visit a personalized landing page and schedule an appointment for the upcoming show. Messaging for each touchpoint was concisely crafted to speak to a different aspect of the target audience's pain points. Real time racking was available througout the campaign, and triggered email notifications were kicked off after recipients visited their personalized landing pages and scheduled an appointment.

Campaign Components:

  • Campaign Design
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • HTML build
  • Multimedia production
  • Programming
  • Print and Process
  • Analytics
  • Dimensional Video Cards